Getting your business off the ground can be filled with ups and downs. Some days you get to celebrate awesome milestones. Other days, you question if it’s even worth it.

Trust us…you’re not alone!

Entrepreneurship is hard work, but if you’re in it for the right reasons, it’s totally worth it. But I believe you don’t have to sacrifice EVERYTHING to be successful.

We are NOT members of #TeamNoSleep! Yes, you’ll have to work hard and make sacrifices, but true success comes from building a business and a life you can actually enjoy.

What is Startup Life Support?

Unlike the name might suggest, it’s not just for entrepreneurs looking to build and sell companies. It’s for people who chose to start businesses for a greater sense of purpose and more control over their lives. It’s for people who have realized that entrepreneurship isn’t as easy as the Instagram models make it look. It’s for people who are crazy enough to believe in their dreams – even if they don’t feel it every day.

No judgement. Just support. We’re in this together. 

I (Isha) became an entrepreneur in 2009 with very little support. The people around me just didn’t get it. While I was working to build the business, they were secretly wishing I would go back and get a “real job”.  I felt so alone. When I moved to Arizona, I started inviting my new entrepreneur girlfriends to my house to share our experiences, set goals together and pray for each other’s businesses.

Almost a decade later, we’re still going strong! I know they are one of the reasons I’m still in the game after going through financial hardship, health issues and losing loved ones. It became about more than our businesses – we’re a family. That’s the experience I want to create for you through Startup Life Support.

Benefits of joining Startup Life Support:

  • CLARITY: Can’t figure out the best way to move forward? We provide an environment where you can get feedback on ideas and work through challenges slowing you down. You’ll also learn about tools and strategies to build your business and get things done faster, cheaper and easier.
  • CONFIDENCE: You have what it takes to be successful! Startup Life Support will introduce you to people just like you who are winning in business. You’ll learn about the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.
  • COMMUNITY: Building a business is hard work and the people closest to you may not understand how to help you. In fact, they could be making things worse. You need genuine people in your life who understand why it means so much to you and want to see you win. Sometimes you need a hug and sometimes you need a kick in the backside to stay focused on do what you said you were going to do. We’ll give you both!


Will you join us?

You can’t sit in your lonely little bubble and figure out what to do. A year from now, you’ll still be in the same place, only more frustrated. No matter how smart you are, you’re not an expert at everything. Nor should you be. But what if you were able to add your genius to a pool of other geniuses to get things done faster and easier? No fear of asking a “stupid” question.

Asking for help is a sign of wisdom, not weakness. In fact, you have just as much to give as you will gain from being a part of Startup Life Support. If you’re ready to build both a business and life you’ll enjoy, come see what it’s all about.