There’s nothing like being stuck in the house 24/7 to test your patience with the people you love. Or maybe you’ve got a boss that wants you to still come to work every day even though you’re not feeling well.

Is it loving to set your needs aside and simply serve the greater good in times of communal crisis? What about when you’re out of toilet paper?

In this special Startup Life Support online event, we’ll explore all these questions and more during our dive into “5 Strategies to Navigate Tough Relationships with Your Sanity Intact.”

About the Presenter:

Bridgett Hart has spent the last 15 years with a laser focus on clearly understanding what it means to “be love” in all types of relationships and scenarios. Throughout extended singlehood, marriage, motherhood, chronic illness, corporate leadership, entrepreneurship and an intermingled human services career, she tested and challenged her hypothesis in thousands of scenarios and made transformational discoveries about how to love herself and her community better.

Her findings have been condensed into a simple, easy-to-implement framework called The Hart Habits, helping others to apply the principles in their lives and communities. Bridgett offers business & personal coaching as well as a year-long virtual program about The Hart Habits.

When she’s not talking about love, you’ll find her enjoying her husband, daughter & dogs and playing in her desert garden.

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